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more poems

April 23, 2013

Some poems from the last half a year or so. read the tags to see what they’re all about 🙂

Replaced Screen

Pry it open
Snap it back
Call the East
To fix a crack

Appease our deep consumer lust
For false, convincing copyright
And reach us with the creeping shadow
Cast by Beijing’s city light


Saw a number
On an arm
On a woman
On a bus
In a decade
Whose tired limb
Will remind
The rest of us?

Windows Media Player Time Machine

My dear Nicolas, my sweet Django,
Dress me up in shades of Gipsy.
I’ll be your Gitana, ruffles swirling,
Your lorn Third Reich jazz refugee.


We are but a faint rebuttal
As the warlords tightly cuddle,
Hiding clocks with broken gears
To reminisce on fonder years.

Washing us with fruitless vision
Rife with paranoid derision,
Out of instinct, feathers rustle,
Adding to the furious bustle.

Captive spirit once departed,
Rigging games before they’ve started,
Feeble minds clung to division
Clear space for your next incision.

Be Mine, My Other

The slumber stalls
For waves of thoughts
Haves and have nots.

–Filter me through your sifter
–Bend me like a shape shifter

Twinkling lights and knit hats,
Posh tri-lingual welcome mats


Did Your skilled hands form us,
Give breath to the stale dust,
Weave tendon and sinew,
Or did we create You?

The holy one
Blessed be He
The only one
Blessed be We


But Thee I adore
In pureness of spirit
In loathing of doubt
I tremble, I cower
Before Thee,
O, Wonder

To Him that establishes the mountains,
Towering with naive faith.
To Him that compels the tides,
Crashing with baseless conviction.
To Him that commands the winds,
Erratic with blind contradiction.

And I, but a child
Ever longing for a Father
Shall know synaptic clefts
As cleaving to Thy breast

First Degree

Double slanted cross check
Thus the fool regresses,
Wanting the first letters switched
By the triple exes


A quiet thought quite
A comfort: not always fright
No, dear, not always spite
No, Lord, but
Mercy – dare – love carries
Meek me, meager me, even me.
My shallow, selfish soul grants
So, pardon me, but
How much more, dear,
How much more, must
Any just author of them
Both grant?



August 30, 2009

i’ve had this revelation a hundred zillion times…but once again it came…and it’s so true…so very true…and so very simple.

we can’t live by how we feel or don’t feel.  period.

i’ve been downloading music for more than 10 years, since the age of 12, when napster came out.  yeah, baby, 400 bytes per second.   i’ve felt fine about it, and sorry if this causes you theological issues, but i’ve never heard any small voice saying “ronit, this is wrong” every time i clicked the mouse.  but you know what?  it *is* wrong.  you know how i know it’s wrong?  because it’s stealing.  stealing is wrong.  end of story.

what a hypocrite i’ve been up until now.  my response to the baffled gasps that follow when my fellow soldiers see that my movie collection is in actual, copyrighted and legally distributed reproductions is “i’m not going to download movies like everyone else.  it’s stealing…”  and music isn’t?  perhaps the stealthy justification complex in my head bended the truth, because, after all, movies are multi million dollar productions while a cd is not…and music from cds can be heard for free over the internet legally and on the radio, so what’s the difference?  and i felt just swell about it.

i also felt fine when i picked a few nectarines from a field during a patrol, but i couldn’t escape the truth that was uttered from the mouth of a friend, the commander of the jeep:  “those are someone else’s trees.  that’s stealing.”   the fact that they have acres of land and two peaches would not make any significant dent in the owner’s profits was irrelevant; on principle, my action was taking that which was not mine.  (but don’t you worry about me; there are plenty of free and lonely trees bearing prickly pear, figs, and peaches…and if i happen to catch workers in the fields, they are usually more than happy to share with me a fruit or two.)  my head creates complicated webs of rationalization allowing my feelings to contently comply to my self-centered wants, but it takes a most simple thing, a truth spoken directly and concisely, to pierce through those excuses.

and so i asked my army friend who i consider to be my greatest israeli authority on music if he’d like me to send him the benny goodman track he had just thoroughly enjoyed on my phone to his, and he launched an arrow through the tangles of false justification surrounding my core values in saying, “no, ronit.  that’s stealing.”  in an instant, a fluttering little thought floated about in my mind: “he’s right.”  about 5 seconds were left for me to reach out, capture this fact and insert it into my heart, or ignore its presence entirely and continue walking in delusion.   reluctantly, i grasped hold of it at the last second and said admittedly, “yeah, you’re right.  it is.”

currently i’m at home, where i’ll be for an entire week (yay!)…stopped on the way at tower records and bought 4 new israeli cds (because israeli music is all but missing entirely from my life, and what a shame it is) and then realized that i could have gotten them much cheaper at a used cd store in jerusalem, which i’ll venture to next time.  anyway, it’s not as if i’m going to refuse to listen to a mix cd that someone gives me, and i’m still going to download music that someone far away suggests to me in order to determine whether or not i like it enough to buy it, and if i don’t, say hello to mr. recycle bin.

oh good golly.  where the heck am i going to get $700 to buy legal photoshop?  this being moral business can be expensive…

BUT on more interesting subjects, at least to me, i found the prettiest tomatoes: deep red striped with forest green.  they were a whopping 8 shekels for a basket, which is expensive for produce in israel, because they’re “fancy” oooo (about $2…in america i assume they would be around $4-7, depending on how snooty the store is…sucks to be you, americans.  oh, wait, everything except food is cheaper there.  sucks to be me.)  i also found yellow cherry tomatoes, which are about the size of the mini fresh mozzarella balls that i also bought.  with fresh basil from the deck, the cutest caprese ever…  so, way to go israel on the smaller tomatoes, which are consistently sweet and robust in flavor, but what the heck were you thinking with regular tomatoes?  i don’t even know which species this is but if i did i would commit genocide on it.  the geniuses of this country have developed some of the most advanced agricultural techniques in the world, so why can’t we crank out some full-bodied beefsteaks?   or some ugly looking heirlooms, whose inner beauty shines through in juicy red perfection?  i can’t take anymore of these bland-no, tasteless- tomatoes with an enormous and annoying inner core and come in two levels of ripeness: hard or mealy.  one of my favorite things about this country, in fact perhaps my very favorite thing, is its produce.  one would assume that what is perhaps the most consumed item in the country would have been refined to perfection, or at least available in more than 2 varieties.  israel, you’re letting me down.  i might just have to revolutionize the tomato as it’s known in this country, but that will be after i introduce to it the wonder of the lime.  big dreams, i know, but it can happen… 🙂