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chappy chanukah!

December 6, 2010

yay! it’s chanukah!

chanukah is probably the holiday that i feel most deeply, and most of those feelings are both warm and fuzzy.  they are so warm and so fuzzy that, in fact, if i ever have a soft, furry rabbit as a pet, i will name him chanukah.   he would, of course, be white, like the color that would be found on the streets right now if israel wasn’t so anti-snow.  stupid bureaucracy.

unlike most other holidays, i don’t generally connect to chanukah in what i would call a “spiritual” way, but its traditions sincerely move me as my actions link this living, breathing body to the blood of my past.  while singing maoz tsur, no thoughts of maccabees slaying greek temple-defamers enter my mind, only images of  a young spanish jewess in the 1600s secretly kindling candles from a ghetto, or a little russian-jewish immigrant girl on the lower east side in the 1910’s lighting her menorah from a tenament window,  or a 10 year old ronit kory in the DC suburbs, blue lights sparkling from the snow-kissed bushes in front of our townhouse and glittered styrafoam dredeils and stars hanging from the ceiling by gold beads.  although i have doubts about the supposed miracle of chanukah, i do not say the words “blessed are you….that performed miracles for our fathers in those days” in vain, because there is one miracle that i cannot deny:   god has, in an almost wastefully extravagant mercy, preserved my people across the ages.  (thanks for that, by the way, i like existing.)

i only wish that the jewish people now stood for the justice that we had for so long not been granted, but that’s another blog post for another time…

meanwhile, chanukah via youtube…

this is one of my top 10 favorite songs in the world, but i couldn’t find a good rendition of it without the beatbox…so…have a rappy chanukah (har har har)

and, now, for the cutest thing ever (check out the girl at 36 seconds)