wall collage

i don’t know why i have the urge to snap pics with my iphone in grocery stores.  stop judging me.

what is wrong with this picture?  whoever guesses it gets 1 point.  1000 points gets you a hug from me.

On the other hand, establishing a location where i can be completely surrounded on one side by a wall composed entirely of chocolate and on the other side by a wall composed entirely of wine makes up for the previous flaw.

alsoooo i finally decorated my living room!  wall collage time!  here, i believe that the wall decor as a whole is greater than the sum of the parts, which are: records for a shekel each, knick knacks from here and there, google-image stolen black and white pics of the IDF and Kaveret back in the day, israeli posters from the 60’s, one especially zionist propogandawesome plate, a book, and my grandma’s ukulele courtesy of my sister, adina.

thanks, adina.


i’ll post more pics of the room later…whenever i can use someone’s camera instead of my phone…

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4 Responses to “wall collage”

  1. Robin Says:

    cheese food? next to the brie? *shudder*

    also, does anyone play the uke? my boy is a ukelele-ist (ukelelist? ukist?). best instrument ever.

  2. ronit kory Says:

    correct! my sister is trying to learn. in the summer of 2006 i was walking to work at tj’s and saw a guy w/ a uke, which is already rare…then suddenly i saw another…and another…and then they told me that there was a convention. maybe they have it every year?

  3. abigail Says:

    i was going to say the “american cheese” is out of place. woah and YUCK!

  4. Bladimir Says:

    Hola.. para mi estaba bien la primera foto, todos eran productos lácteos. 🙂

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