huffing and puffing

and now for an angry rant, by ronit kory:

this whole darn world’s political opinion about the situation here annoys me.  it’s challenging enough to find an opinion *inside* this country that i agree with now that leftist zionism is practically dead, let alone the painfully one-sided pieces from abroad.  every single blog post or comment on a newspaper article that i come across either contains blind worship of israel and fear/ apathy/ hatred of palestinians or blind victimization of palestine and vilification/ absolute condemnation of israel.  and what furthers my disturbed disposition is that it seems like no one has bothered to simply look up two basic definitions in the dictionary (it’s on the internet now, folks, you don’t even have to pick up a book):  occupation and genocide.  the former group would like to believe and persuade you in their thinking that neither exists here, while the latter insists that they both do, to the point of nazism.  the fact that i’ve read almost no statement from my passionate fellow internet users or heard a verbally expressed opinion from an outsider that recognizes the first of these things while denying the second is troubling and despairing.  why does everyone have to be so radically pro one thing and anti the other to the point of either denying what is obvious or that of twisting half truths?  since when is the world full of the purely innocent and the purely evil, the only situation that would allow for any side being blamelss, a bold claim both views hold for their team?  isn’t there anyone reasonable out there?!?!  gosh darnit world, stop pissing me off, i’m trying to enjoy my morning!

this concludes an angry rant by ronit kory.

in less infuriated news, i’ve happily moved to jerusalem proper and am working for an non-profit called musalaha here in town.   for the first time in my life, i leave the office (yes, i work in an office, and i don’t understand why people complain about them – they’re clean and there’s free coffee!) with the blissful feeling that i’m actively working towards bettering the world in some minuscule way.

random pics from my resurrected iphone (thanks, oz)

omg it’s so close it’s so close!!!!  i wanna ride it!!! it’s so sleek and smooth looking!  i’m so excited!!! go jerusalem!!!  go israel! yay!

nothing says class like an israeli wedding dress!  will someone please tell me *what* is *wrong* with my *people?*

that’s the bathroom in my new rented apartment.  if you say you’ve seen uglier tile in your life then you are a dirty liar.

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11 Responses to “huffing and puffing”

  1. Ambreen Says:

    i enjoyed your angry rant 🙂 and glad you’re still enjoying the office. what’s both amusing and infuriating is that it’s sometimes reminiscent of “the office”. hope we’ll get to see you sometime, especially since you’re just a half hour walk (or so) away from us!

  2. Eli Says:

    moderates are never passionate about being moderat. but they exist.

    no one gets fans and followers when they say, it’s a difficult situation and there is not easy answer.

    i don’t know why i still try with you

  3. ronit kory Says:

    u should try, because u have hope in me, and u’ve brought up a point that makes perfect sense which i thank u for. now that i think about it, of course the more extreme people are the ones that care enough to write their ideas down, and they’re the ones that get the most attention for their extremism. i guess what i’m talking about is the amount of it and the positive reception these radical povs get…which i find unusual…or maybe i’m mistaken. so is the world becoming more opinionated and polarized about the issues or do u think the majority is made of level headed (not just apathetic) people that don’t feel a need to shout about their ideas?

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Ok, so when I read the post, for some reason I didn’t notice/stop to think that there might be/are any comments. Now that I’ve repented of the error of my ways, this brings up another good point (namely, the silence of those striving for objectivity). This year, I turned 30. I find that the older I get, the harder it is to keep heart. I find that the more I survey the general population, the more I want to lobby for people to pass an IQ test before they can be registered to vote (I’m actually being half-serious on that point). I find that, as a hobby-writer, it’s hard to blog and rant and rave as much as I used to, and often catch myself throwing my hands in the air, saying, “Ah, forget it. What good will it do?” What’s been helping me to keep my cool and keep moving is two things. First, recognize that people’s stupidity is their own choice which they alone are responsible for. Second, I’ll often stop to ask myself, “Do I feel like ranting and raving b/c this is something I really think I should take action on, or is it just one of those heat-of-the-moment things I just have to let go.” Part of what I mean by point 2 is that there are a lot of good causes and such that we should care about, but as individuals w/ limitations, we have to choose carefully which battles to take action in so we don’t burn ourselves out and minimize our effect.

  5. Eli Says:

    I think in circles of so called messianic- christian there is a tendancy to be polarized. But i know that when i express my opinions ( which i don’t believe it be polarized) i get many responses of people saying, finally, something i agree with..
    but i think when you see a blinded person yelling empty slogans, you really don’t see the point arguing with them . it’s as though they enjoy the blindness so that they don’t have to see the ugly room.
    I also think most people are followers and they don’t know what to think so they let the loud people think for them.
    I do think that there is a lack of leadership worldwide. Leaders don’t say unpopular things anymore. they just say popular things . an example is Obama, he said what everyone wanted to hear( or at least enough to get elected) – wether or not he can do it , time will tell – a leader doesn’t only reflect the people he also sees what they could be, and pushes towards that

  6. ronit kory Says:

    wow that’s great that people say that…they never say that to me but i think we might have one little thing not in common 🙂

    do we even have leaders anymore or just representatives? if a choice isn’t popular it’s not “of the people” and the representative becomes a dictator in a sense. i don’t understand myself how someone can lead by making difficult decisions that the people might not make and still call his government a democracy…but don’t we want someone who will do that? this is why i don’t get into politics…

  7. Eli Says:

    yes. we actually did have that. Bold leaders made bold decisions . history judges better then the polls.

  8. ronit kory Says:

    i know we used to have…i’m questioning whether that kind of leader is acceptable today…someone that will make the choice that the people think is wrong

  9. Eli Says:

    um not always but sometimes they need to

  10. Jonathan Says:

    its best to understand what the scriptures say and what Jesus would of have done in modern day Israel – Jesus spoke about the Good Samaritan and that opposing types of people in the same land dont have to be enemies, but yeah I dont like the media’s constant condemnation of Israel either.

  11. animalizard Says:

    Great angry rant, pity about the Jesusy comments.
    And yes, Leftist Zionism in the Diaspora is dying because propagandists have successfully smeared the word. I can’t even imagine what route the generation of our children will take. Probably ful-blown pro-Pal campaigning or aliyah back to the Diaspora!
    The problem is that people on the outside looking in can only see so many angles. So they choose an angle and try to pump up their intelligence. It’s all about looking knowledgable, and needing an audience. With the mask of a moral conscience.

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