adina is amazing

so…it’s a lazy weekend.   i’m sprawled on the couch, enjoying an episode of  ‘the big bang theory’ (“that’s how we roll in the shire!”) via my laptop and a pair of earphones, when i am distracted by the alluring smell of dark chocolate.

i go to the kitchen where my sister, adina,  is licking a plastic spatula.

me: what are you making?

adina: chocolate covered bananas


me: yum!  can we cover them in chopped nuts?

adina: i already did

*double yes!*

me: omg! can we freeze them so they’re like popsicles?

adina: they’re already in the freezer

*yes infinity!!!*

best. sister. ever.

and some other random pics from my iphone…3gs…it was my dream until i dropped it into a toilet the second day of my apprenticeship…now after 250 shekels it has come back to life, but i need to replace the lcd screen…ebay $25 screen and home instillation vs 350 more shekels for someone else to do it…well, i’ve always considered myself a risk taker.  and poor.

speaking of my apprenticeship….

having tons o’ fun…learning a bunch…it’s a great experience 🙂

if only the two groups could get along like this outside of the restaurant biz….

remember what i said about limes?  and all god’s children said ‘amen’

the night i discovered one of the most interesting beers i’ve ever tasted…

it was so complex, intricate and full of flavor…but the final verdict is that it’s a tad too sweet…i almost had to sip it like a digestif….it took a century to get through half the bottle, and in the end i just swiped the rest of my friend’s leffe and combined the two.  sacrilegious, i know…don’t tell anyone.

the lat time i tried wheatgrass was in 2005.  i thought to myself: self, your palette has surely evolved in the last 5 years.  yeah, apparently it hasn’t.  still tastes disgusting!

hm, that was a lot of pics…anyway…toodaloo

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5 Responses to “adina is amazing”

  1. monica Says:

    Yay for choco covered bananas! Yay for having such a great sis!! DOUBLE YAY AND AMEN for LIMES!!!!!!!!

    Boo for how much I miss u, ur sis, and ur mom!

  2. avi Says:

    i should grow wheatgrass in my garden…nom nom nom…

  3. Robin Says:

    adina should come to my house. frozen bananas is my favorite snack ever!

  4. Tina Karp Says:

    wow!! You are such a good writer!! How r u?

  5. ronit kory Says:

    i’m swell, tina, haha. robin…fortunately, chocolate covered frozen bananas aren’t the hardest thing int he world to prepare…(banana-peel+melted chocolate+chopped nuts+freezer)…

    and just for the record, chocolate nut covered frozen bananas are so much tastier now that they’ve been featured on arrested development, the greatest comedy series of all time

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