1. it’s only 10:14 pm and i’m tired 😦
2. i have a blog 🙂
3. i like dogs. a lot. 🙂
4. i’m doing an apprenticeship at a nationally top 15 restaurant 🙂
5. it’s unpaid 😦
6. but they feed me 🙂
7. today i was told i’m not really jewish because of my beliefs 😦
8. i don’t take that kind of trash from anyone, a fact which is now known to the accuser
9. (i’m snapping my fingers and glaring)
10. i casually watched an episode of glee with some friends who view it religiously, and it seems that i have been brainwashed into its sing song glory
11. today i researched which cast members are jewish and smiled at the relatively large percentage
12. i now realize that i was interested and felt pride in their accomplishments because i feel as if i am a part of their group
13. i do not feel this same sense of ‘rooting for the team’ when i find out that some successful individual believes in what i do, or went to the same school as i did, or is american like i am (although i do enjoy reminding israelis of josie katz’s place of birth)
14. this is my people
15. i have no other
16. why did i put this in a numbered list?
17. who cares, i’ll do what i want, and i’ll believe what i want, gosh darnit!
18. let’s make it to 20!
19. i am ever blessed, and i love this life that is part of that blessing
20. good night, dear ones

3 Responses to “shoo”

  1. שלמה Says:

    Yay Ronit!

    21. Paint already.

  2. Christina Says:

    Ronit. I love you. I think you’re probably almost a genius. =) I really love reading your blog!

  3. ronit kory Says:

    haha almost a genius…that’s awesome. next time i say something stupid i’m going to back it up with the argument “well, christina says i’m only ALMOST a genius…”

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