it’s been too long…

i haven’t posted in a while, and i would apologize for that, but that would be sort of assuming that people who excitedly anticipate my posts exist….

i don’t have much to say, except that so far this summer has  been nothing short of lovely, almost perfect, and that i am exceedingly glad that i made the decision to spend it in america.   wouldn’t it be wonderful if i could just gather all my beloved friends and family into one country? or at least one hemisphere?  sigh…

a few highlights?  not exactly highlights, more like, blurbs, of my recent existence:

1.  i am considering getting a tattoo, and the controversy found in the 93 comments this statement received on facebook  has sparked some regret in making this thought public, as i’m not the type that enjoys offending my elders.  but i still may do it…i may not…we’ll see…

2.  after a year of pescetarianism, followed by a shaky month of vacillation,  i’m in a dietary dilemma (actually it’s a moral dilemma, but it plays itself out in food, how funny :D).  after reading the compelling and not to mention beautifully written “eating animals” by jonathan safron foer, the little voice inside is steadily growing louder, and i find myself scraping for excuses.  so i’m attempting to take the plunge, but i might return to a careful, selective pescetarianism at some point, as i don’t actually believe that killing animals is wrong in and of itself…or i might really stick to this.  who knows?  eating animals is not the most important issue in my life, in the world, but, as the author states, it might be more important than a hamburger.  of course, when i go to culinary school, i’ll reluctantly taste everything.

3.  i’m currently reading “the botany of desire” by michael pollan, which equally evokes romantic thoughts of all the edible plants i love and jealous thoughts of “why can’t i get paid to write this, jerk?”  but even if i had an unrealistic idea of my own level of talent and thought i was capable of such greatness, i don’t have the ambition to even start thinking about pursuing such a lofty goal; i’m just too darn content with every second of my life 🙂

One Response to “it’s been too long…”

  1. Monica Says:

    not lofty goals…they’re great ones. i do hope to see you working towards them one day! 🙂

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