oo toob

i saw some youtube video linked on facebook and decided to click on it…the video was ok, a r&b’d up version of hatikvah with some mediocre rap….but some of the comments were interesting…

“Jews behind all EVIL
Jews are the master mind of DEVIL”

“i hate jews”


“Israeli Demonic Forces(IDF) Terrorist Organisation”

i’m pretty darned left winged when it comes to israeli politics, but comments like these don’t quite induce sympathy.  yeah…so all that makes me sort of not happy…and people should learn how to spell if they’re going to dis my country.

oh, and i found another interesting one, a response to one of these comments:

“Definition of a P.I.G.

cmon people!!!  you insult, you ask for more insults…it takes two to fight..good golly

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3 Responses to “oo toob”

  1. Yahnatan Says:

    The way dialogue so quickly devolves on both sides in contexts like this really is disgusting. People say atrocious things when they’re anonymous…

  2. rb Says:

    this is really late/random, but do you happen to recall the title of this video? i was looking at some rnb version of hatikva a while back and i think this sounds like it!

  3. ronit kory Says:

    yeah…though from a musical standpoint i don’t find it especially high quality…especially the rapper (french?)

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