The French bistro for which I am currently employed as a server started to feature a plat du jour with an israeli couscous salad, the sight of which oddly fills me with some sort of zionistic pride instead of sheer disgust after suffering a bland and overcooked version of the starchy side dish for two and a half years during my military service. Then some guests complained that even though the item is from its namesakes country, israeli cous cous does not exist, except as a misnomer for what is really a morroccan product brought to israel by immigrants. This is like claiming that pasta from Italy cannot be called Italian because in reality it was the Chinese who invented the noodle. Silly anti-Semites.

Oh, and I’m writing this from my iPhone. Technology is wonderful….

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One Response to “Awesomeness”

  1. Adina Says:

    you should have punched them in the face.

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