while thinking about how much i adore the bellowing depth of the sound of a cello, i decided that i should take advantage of this free time and use the internet to seek information on classical music.  so, thanks to modern technology,  i’m currently listening to the dc area classical music station online, wagner’s “the flying dutchman: overture” carrying me off to a magical place where i can be a supreme, snooty classical music buff (who, in my daydreams, is also quite beautiful and well read, mind you.)  this fantasy was short lived, as the weather report caused me to plummet into a reality in which not only do i fail in being able to identify even one classical piece’s name or composer, but also failed to read most of the literature required of me in high school.  perhaps there is an online tutorial/introduction to classical music, that way at least i could memorize the names and faces and musical terms and sound like a snob, even if my dream to become one will never truly be realized.  but, honestly, folks, i am quite fond of this genre, and like classic jazz , i just wish i knew a thing or two about it.  anyone who feels like educating me is welcomed, even encouraged; i’ll pay you in homemade cookies.

my stay in america has been rather enjoyable so far.  i’m simply enthralled to once again experience this land’s vast culinary landscape, specifically the dc area’s superior level of quality and availability.   how fortunate i am to live just 10 minutes away from a dream of an asian supermarket, filled to the brim with fresh, reasonably priced produce including purple potatoes and lotus root.  and have you tried chocolate covered pomegranate seeds from trader joe’s?  you really should.  how i have missed being able to drink latin horchata or vietnamese baby coconut juice, or simply buy corn tortillas and limes without having to take a 3 hour bus ride and know a secret password.  on the other hand, there’s no scoring a bag of avocados for 8 shekels (about two bucks) at the shook, or being privileged to almost exclusively local produce, like back in israel.  i suppose i just can’t have my japanese eggplant and eat it too.  oh well 🙂

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3 Responses to “sigh”

  1. Nic Says:

    Hey there! 😀

    So you want to learn about Classical Music, that’s great! I have something for you to start with, I’m working in this site to share all the possible audio/video files from Music Composers, mostly youtube (for now, will see later) and also a little Classical music introduction to reach a better understanding of this beautiful music world. Check it out!

    Cheers and good luck

  2. juliaaburdine Says:

    Oh Ronit, I love you! And I love this post. Good luck with your venture in exploring classical music. If I come across any programs (like on PBS, maybe their website might have some info you’re looking for) or books about it, I’ll be sure to forward them to you.

  3. Lisa Marie Says:

    You really should become a top chef, my dear.

    I read through your older posts up to where I last read and you’ve thought about it. My vote is for yes! I think you’d be great at it.

    When you say you plan to study do you mean America or Israel?

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