articles like this encourage and frighten me simultaneously.   the idea of an economically thriving, independent, non-violent state which benefits its citizens and co-exists with israel?  encouraging.   the thoughts of the repercussions that the establishment of such a state would surely bring, as did the establishment of israel to which the featured person’s vision is compared, and the fact that only 13% of palestinians even support this apparently peaceful man as prime minister?  more on the frightening side…

anyway, here’s the article.  thoughts?

speaking of thoughts, the thoughtful, tasteful portion of this blog post has ended.   here’s a puppy in a bikini, as promised to a certain friend.

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2 Responses to “encourdiscouraging”

  1. IamThatGuy Says:

    I am also encourdiscouraging by this post. Encouraged that you came through with the picture as promised, and discouraged because a picture of a dog in a bikini was so easily accessible.

  2. Adina Says:

    Well, although I could’t pull myself together to read the article, I do feel that the dog in a bikini has slightly lowered by ignorance of what is going on in the world.

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