hm.  i haven’t updated in a while…

so i’m basically out of the military now-just one more week and it’s official.   like so many other people and places in my past, i feel much less agony over parting with them than i expected.  is the ability to quickly adapt and genuinely enjoy almost any environment a blessing or a curse?

at the last outpost, where we found wild verbena and sage to make tea on patrols, i discovered that there is a lone donkey that resides in the gilboa ever green forests.  he cried whenever a vehicle passed, beckoning us to stop and give him our company and some vegetables, which he would eat out of our hand as we pet him.  i’ve never seen a donkey alone; i suppose they are meant to be communal creatures-this one either lost or abandoned.  my heart broke for him, i must admit, and if i had the means, i would take him home and make him my own little useless donkey.

this pic was taken with my phone at night so…kinda blurry…but you can still make out a bit of cuteness, right?

as for post army plans: first thing was to dye my hair colors and paint my nails in the spirit of freedom, despite the fact that i would otherwise do neither one of those things, then work work work to try to pay off a bit of my school loans, america for my bro’s wedding, and, assuming i’m accepted, college in the north in the fall.

by the way…i encourage everyone to see the documentary food inc.   it’s anger and vomit inducing at the same time!

oh, and the day before i left, we started to plant a garden at the outpost.  i said i’d come back in a few months to visit everyone, but really i just want to see how the first fruits of my labor turn out 😉

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