it’s november 11!  why on earth can i remember that WWI ended on this day in 1918, an item of information that i learned in 4th grade history, but i can’t remember where i put my glasses two minutes ago, or my friends’ birthdays?  my *family’s* birthdays?!?!?!  oh, brain…

some items of interest:

1. my good friend lamar’s comic book is on amazon!  buy it if you are a fan of silliness…

2. don’t ever sleep in contacts!  i have an eye infection which doesn’t hurt in the slightest, but has blurred even the words i currently type…i hope the doc was correct in telling me that i will soon return to my normal slight near-sightedness – if not i’ve got the vision of a 60 year old in one eye.   in the hospital i was privileged to catch a gem of a moment in the complicated beauty of israeli culture:   the young eye doctor treating a seemingly underpriviledged elderly lady.   these two individuals are worlds apart, yet living in the same country and speaking the same language-not a new phenomenon.  what added a touch of brightness to the picture was the fact that their common language was arabic, the highly educated, modern israeli arab taking care of a religious tunisian-jewish grandma from the old world.  socially, religiously, and economically, they stand on opposite sides of the scale, little except their geographical location linking them, but their mother tongue,  a commonality that each of them share with few people who they encounter on a daily basis, bonded them.  humanity is wonderfully inescapably connected.

3.  i’m currently contemplating plans for my post-military life, which will start sometime by august 2010.  unlike most israelis, i have no intention to travel.  higher education is (almost) a certainty for fall of that year, but my specific path is still undecided.  as for now, i’m leaning towards a 4-year plan including 3 years of an apparently useless government funded education in some unrelated area (history, anthropology, botany even…) for “personal development” (aka for the heck of it + bringing my 4th grade hebrew reading/writing level up a notch) while i work evening shifts under some chef in some restaurant.  as i gain kitchen experience, i might decide to quit the academia and go to culinary school, or stay the full 3 years and recieve a degree (automatic pay raise in the event that the gastronomic world rejects me and i’ll have to find employment elsewhere), and then go to culinary school, which in israel lasts only one year.  though i’m relatively sure that cooking is about the only occupation i would enjoy practicing daily, i’m really in no rush to start my career and see the scenic route as a valid option.  for most people, life is long, and if mine happens to be one of the exceptions, who cares about my career, which is something built for long life anyway?  suggestions and comments are welcome…


5 Responses to “11.11.09”

  1. Eli Chops Says:

    Ewwwwww Ronit!!!!!! That pic of fig at the top of your page is disgusting!
    Plz change it …

  2. ronit kory Says:

    it’s figs! since when are they so offensive?

  3. Avi Brown Says:

    It looks sort of like the underside of a tongue.

  4. Avi Brown Says:

    In an infected sort of way

  5. ronit kory Says:

    well, u can find a fig-less blog about an american-israeli immigrant soldier named ronit and go there instead if it really bothers u…

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