this title would work better in hebrew

i’m sorry, all u die hard hebrew fans, but the language re-uses words fanatically…like as if there’s a shortage and we need to recycle in as many ways possible.   “cadur” is used for…everything: ball, bullet, planet earth, pill, and scoop of ice cream.  there, you just learned 6 hebrew words in one (at least it makes the language easier).  anyway, i wanted to title this post “ball of ice cream” but the pun would make no sense in english…

but, yes, i bought an ice cream ball.  why? because i’m unashamedly impulsive and like ice cream and you can take it on camping trips and it’s purple!  it’s the same concept as the cream and sugar filled plastic bag surrounded by a coating of ice and salt encapsuled within a large coffee tin, just a lot more expensive.  one end is filled with ice that surrounds a metal pint cup which is filled on the other end with what will be, after 20 minutes of rolling around, tossing, or bicep curls (it’s pretty heavy), home made ice cream.  i could have bought an electric ice cream maker for twice the cash, but you can’t take that kind on camping trips.  actually in order for this to work anywhere you still need ice, so better be a camping trip by a lake in the dead of winter, in which case you probably wouldn’t want ice cream anyway…

ta da!!!

i should have taken a picture of the ice cream i made…i’ll take it to base and we’ll see what happens.

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One Response to “this title would work better in hebrew”

  1. Ambreen Says:

    i’ve seen these…if you go camping though, you’re planning on bringing the ice with you? speaking of ice cream makers, have you seen any normal ones here? i was looking for one all summer and couldn’t find anything.

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