milk jam

so i jotted down some thoughts throughout the past two weeks, which are stuck inside a locker on base…so…oh well…maybe next time we’ll have some cohesive writing, this time we will have disconnected musings once more…

we’ve finally finished our field training for the season.  who says the army wastes all the country’s money and resources?  we just saved a ton of water by not showering 5 days out of the week for a month!

anyway, i’ll be visiting my country tis of thee in less than a week.  after stops in pa, nyc, and mi, i’ll be back in maryland, home of my wonderful father and brother and two dogs and a bird that live in a house that desperately needs to be de-junkified and sold so that my dad can make aliyah (help welcomed) where i’ll be until the end my 20 day trip.

um, i have nothing interesting or insightful to say this time around, just looking forward to seeing old friends and cooking with my dad and playing with my dog in a grassy green yard…and eating a lot of asian food and buying a lot of affordable but stylish clothing, bot of which i’ve missed dearly here.  i’m about to make a few batches of cookies for a couple of people’s birthdays, as well as attempt to create a cake in the shape of a rocket launcher for a member of my squad who specially requested it for his.  if i succeed, pictures will ensue.  if i fail, pictures of me crying will ensue.

oh and here are some pictures from the last couple weeks…they’re taken on my cellphone’s camera, which is of the quality one would expect from a cell phone.  my 30d awaits me in america…sigh…


he stole my awesome and unique hat that no one else had.  i told him he could keep it, but he owes me something special and unknown in the future.  i believe that someday he will be a VIP and then i’ll ask him for front row tickets to whatever.


cleaning up after a week of work.  being an artillery combatant is definitely at times a dirty job…crawling around in the inner workings of the vehicle which is covered in dirt the way land is covered in snow, checking all sorts of oils which i inevitably end up spilling on myself, wiping off grease and dust and rocket residue with rags soaked in diesel fuel, then putting new grease on.  i’d never even seen grease before i came to the army…kinda looks like peanut butter, but certainly doesn’t taste like it, i mean, i’m guessing…er…


ok, this is hilarious.  dulce de leche in hebrew is called ribat halav, which is literally milk jam.  this is what happens when you translate literally, perhaps according to a dictionary,  without having an actual understanding of a language.  at least they spelled it right.

One Response to “milk jam”

  1. Gavi Lazan Says:

    LOL, sometimes signs in Israel are just so wrong they are funny. (Vanilla chips? Does it contain vanilla flavored potatoes?)

    btw, your bolg entries are really cool.

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