a different kind of painting

so…i’ve kinda missed the base in the golan,  i must admit.  when i paid a brief visit in march it was flourishing with an array of colorful wild flowers and tall green grasses, but since then all the blooms have died and left yellow carcasses among a beige base of suffocating meadows.  the merciless sun has roasted it all to a crisp.  i barely express the word hate, but i’m tempted to use it regarding that giant orb of my disdain.  and i will.  i freakin hate the sun in this country.  i go out for a half an hour-with sunscreen-and get burned.  my least favorite hours of the summer are 9am-5pm…how wonderful that they are precisely work hours, so that once i get out of the army i will probably be in a/c for the rest of my life at exactly that time…oh, wait, i want to plant things…well one can plant at night, right?  why not…

oh oh oh i *did* find some green on base…yes, this is the real color.  looks like a lovely little patch of green grass?  well, it’s not.  it’s a pool of slime.  i’m half expecting a mutant algea monster to pop out of there and eat one of us.


so i spent a couple days helping prepare my squad’s vehicle…i painted wings on our helmets…i thought it was cool, and so did my commander, until he figured out that he’d have wings on his head, which i suppose isn’t as masculine as he’d like. a lot of people were pretty lazy in the preparations and waited until the last minute, and because my team had diligently tarried since the beginning, i had time to do some of the procastinators’ work as well.  i could have gotten annoyed, but on the other hand it felt highly rewarding to know i embraced a healthy work ethic and would not succumb to the slothfulness brought about by low levels of enthusiasm.  it’s interesting that when it comes to personal matters i am a certified slacker, but in a group setting i become a highly motivated and capable asset-sometimes confused and forgetful, but always with good intentions.    so i didn’t sleep all night and drew maps and swam in grease and oil and scrubbed rocket residue and cleaned and painted a million tools…never has a shower been so relieving.



yeah look at that awesome shirt tan…i think the helmet is cool, though you can’t really see the wings…

anyway i’m about to embark upon a month in the field for practices and am going to attempt to quickly cook dried and canned goods there on a little gas camping kit.  i guess this will be the test as to how ingenious i really am…

other than that, shavuot has come, which means giant picnic and lots of cheesy goodness.  i bought a ticket to visit america for 20 days in the near future, so if you want to see me, drop me a line and i’ll e-mail you with the details.

One Response to “a different kind of painting”

  1. ambreenandphillip Says:

    the green slime looks gross! good luck in the field. remind me when you’re leaving for america… you should come over before you leave.

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