another season passes

soon i’ll be out of the west bank, back to the golan heights.  it’s about as green and blossoming as israel gets, and i’ve heard rumors that in some parts autumn is actually manifested visibly in the changing colors of leaves on select trees.  i have yet to witness here in israel this phenomenon which i enjoyed the first 20 years of my life in the states, but i’ll make it a point to visit these legendary places come fall.

other than that, nothing horribly exciting has happened lately.  i had a few nice moments in the last two weeks…they’re sort of uneventful little tidbits of joy for me, probably uninteresting to the general populace…but it’s my blog….

– we went to check out a complaint from one of the settlements of shepherds passing their territory.  in the end we found out that it was a female jewish shepherd from a nearby farm with a couple of young bedouin helpers.  after playing with a couple of their adorable dogs, one of the helpers (young arab men, take a cue from this lad: let your lovely dark curls grow out instead of buzzing your head on the sides and putting an unreasonable amount of hair gel on top like 90% of your race and age group that i’ve met in the last 3 years) rode in on a horse…that horse, what a lovely, strong animal…and it left me pet it…and it was soft…and i was quite happy 🙂  i thought to myself, i want a horse…but how impractical…i’d be happy to ride a bike to every place i need to go and they’re way cheaper

-so there this thing called tagbatz.  it’s roughly translated to “standing on the side of the road like an idiot in a helmet and a bunch of gear for a few hours so that little kids won’t throw rocks at passing cars” and although it serves its purpose, it’s on my top 5 list of the most boring things ever.  one exceptionally dull day i decided to whip out my phone and look up “edible plants” because 1. what if one day i got captured by some crazy cannibals but somehow managed to escape but was stranded in the judean hills and needed to survive on wild plants and 2. there was nothing better to do-i had counted the number of stones in a nearby house like 10 times.  so i found out that this one populous yellow flower’s stems and leaves is actually the mustard plant, and its stems and greens are edible.  so i ate it.  the leaves kinda tasted like very strong expensive fancy yuppy greens and the stems kinda tasted like stems.

-call me violent but i love killing bugs, at least the kind that want to kill me, or at least make me itch.  i killed 3 millipedes in the last two weeks as well as numerous mosquitoes and feel as if i’ve accomplished something in my life.

-i started sketching again, mainly because one can only play so much poker and watch so many movies…and most people don’t want to play ping pong with me because i am more than stereotypically female concerning sports.

-lag b’omer was a few days ago…i was disappointed that i had to go on the night patrol because i knew i’d miss the homemade pita bread that my group was preparing over a fire.  but during the patrol we chanced upon the sound of guitar music accompanied by group singing and the smell of meat smoking on a grill which led us to a little party hosted by some hospitable souls who knew the driver.  so i didn’t get pita, but i got steak.  no complaints here.

-i realized how terrible my accent really is.  actually i didn’t “realize” it, i was simply informed by someone.  then that information was verified by many others.  it really doesn’t bother me, i’m actually able to read books for 10 years olds now (the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe), which is more satisfying and more useful than speaking without an accent…unless i wanted to be an actress…or a spy…

i think that’s about all i have to say in the mean time.  i hope your day is splendid…that u see the wonder in it………aaaaaaa i’m tired…byebye….

(oh and here’s a sketch.  this is one of my favorite people in the army…thoughtful and amazingly talented.  i wish i could adopt him as my little brother that like 5 meters taller than i am)


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