it’s weird

new experiences bring new thoughts.  this world is so big and complicated…half strikingly lovely and good, half repulsively evil… but  it’s all so intertwined…it’s hard to know where to stand when every option is somehow tainted with sin.

i was one of the first girls to ever set foot let alone spend a few days in a certain little pillbox tower which i assume to be several decades old.  at least in the pillbox we are forced to prepare our own food, though our only supplies are a pocket knife a small toaster oven and a microwave.  before we left, i went to the outpost kitchen and filled up little plastic bags with spices and took a bunch of produce.  most boys who arrive at the pillbox microwave frozen hot dogs and eat canned corn and pudding; i made baked eggplant halves with cilantro tahini and a generous amount of cumin and lemon, roasted rosemary potatoes, purple cabbage salad with red onions and orange dressing, and cinnamon spiced baked (microwaved) apples with a sweet creamy topping…there’s this stuff called white cheese here, which isn’t cheese at all, more like a non-sour thick sour cream…it was the best i could do considering the circumstances, and i felt proud for my ingenuity.  anyway i think it was some of the more edible army food i’ve had.

i’ve been in the army for a year and 7 months…a bit more than half way done…it’s going by a lot slower than i expected but it’s been a very full and varied experience so far…

4 Responses to “it’s weird”

  1. Robin Says:

    quite impressive! right up there with a microwave, a hot pot, and an electric frying pan…in a bathroom 😉
    so what was the purpose of this excercise?

  2. Avi Says:

    oh my gosh! i was just served rosemary potatoes for the first time! i tried to recreate them when i got home but it didn’t work…
    do you have a good recipe?

  3. Adina Says:

    Roasted Rosemary Potatoes – one of my all time faves.

  4. Donna Says:

    You are your parents child! I remember going away for the weekend with them along with several others and was amazed at their creativity in making tasty snacks and delicious coffee.

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