i miss tj

so i’m done with my temp position where i go home every day in the desk-job land of army world and have returned to my regular position with my unit.  out of about 70 soldiers there are under 15 girls, 7 of which, including me, live in one stuffy room.  instead of joining my friends in regular guard duty, jeep trips, chasing after kids that throw rocks, arresting people, checking ids, etc, i’ve been stuck on kitchen cleaning duty because my gun isn’t calibrated at the moment (basically, i have to shoot into a target to make sure no bullets go flying into my face or something…problem is that there’s not exaclty a convenient shooting range in the west bank…i mean unless maybe hamas will let us use one of theirs for a couple hours…)

i voted for the first time today.  ever.  in any country.  yes, i am a terrible american citizen and didn’t vote this time around.  i took a little poll around the outpost, surveying probably about 50 people, and the vote seemed to be split between the lefty left and the righty right, with barely anyone voting for the moderate left or moderate right, one of which will probably win-i suppose it’s youthful extremism.  i find it interesting that though we have both rather liberal and rather conservative people in the unit, we all do the same work, some of which, i’m sure, is to the leftist as uncomfortable as is rewarding to the right winged.

oh!  and! my aunt sent me the most amaaaazzzinggg little move of great sentimental e-value ever…  i worked at trader joe’s throughout highschool in md and college in ny, and out of all the great things of the great nation that is america, there are few that i miss more than mr. joe….sigh

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One Response to “i miss tj”

  1. Robin Says:

    I went to the one in Brooklyn for the first time on Friday to buy 20 pounds of spaghetti (check out the pics on facebook). It is so much nicer than the one in Manhattan. Spacious. Next time you’re around we’ll take a field trip.

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