putting holes in the wall

if you didn’t already know, i have this temporary job in the army as a representative for the artillery division – which is a far cry from what i’ve been trained to do – in order that i may my assist my immigrating family in getting settled.  while i realize that this move was necessary so that i could receive an average of 30 zillion phone calls a day from frantic family members and so that i could repeat all the pointless run around that i went through during my own arrival to this country, i do feel a certain longing for the dreary days of living with a small group on an outpost guarding and riding around in jeeps, only seeing real life once every two weeks.    on the other hand, this position has given me a good amount of down time, allowing me to regularly enjoy my newly rediscovered social life as well as return to a few neglected hobbies.

my sister says that “when you’re poor, it helps to be creative,” which is especially relevant in the realm of home decorating.  i do about a painting a year these days, each of which, seeing as i am lazy, impatient, and vision-less, i spend about 5 hours painting.

pomegranite girl

this is actually part of the middle panel…there are 3, which are hanging up in the living room and match the color of the pillows and the little ceramic pomegranates that i painted (yay!),  but my pic of the whole set was blurry and u know what, it’s late and i’m not taking another one…

so i’m supposed to return to my real position in a few weeks…i’ll be in the west bank, the land of green license plates and cute little kids that throw rocks.

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4 Responses to “putting holes in the wall”

  1. ambreenandphillip Says:

    your picture is really pretty. we’ll have to make it out to your new place to see the rest of your work one of these days 🙂

  2. Adina Says:

    30 zillion? Isn’t that a little exaggerative… more like 30 billion…. really, come on Ronit.

  3. Robin Says:

    is your whole family moving to israel? how exciting!

  4. Lisa Marie Says:

    Do you still have your deviant art? I’ve always liked you’re work. In fact, I still have a couple of your drawings. <3.

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