in my mouth

i have a new thing to do when i’m bored: play with the little strings hanging out of my gums.  i used to have a backwards tooth peeking out in the back of my mouth which i could pass my tongue over for fun, but it’s gone, broken into pieces, replaced by sore flesh and black thread.  what i’m experiencing is probably pretty mild wisdom tooth removal aftermath: the pain is minor and my jaw is only slightly bloated, leaving me looking not as freakish as i had expected.  soon the stiches too will be gone, and then what unseen method of appeasing my need for fidgeting will i be left with?

one less wisdom tooth here

one less wisdom tooth here

the one that had to go

the one that had to go

i sincerely hope that you find my experience as interesting as i did and that i didn’t cause any vomiting.

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5 Responses to “in my mouth”

  1. Steve Says:

    Neat! It’s not nearly as disgusting as I thought it was going to be. At first I thought your blog banner was the picture in which case I was ready to vomit a river which would flow from me like the Ganges. It wasn’t nearly that bad. However I will say you have a weird looking tooth. You should sell it on EBAY

  2. Robin Says:

    jealous again. i didn’t get to keep my teeth. olga did, and she made glorious earrings from them.
    on a more serious note, do follow their instructions about what not to eat. when i had mine out, i felt better very quickly and thought i could be a rebel and eat popcorn. when a kernel trapped itself in my gums and got infected i was very very sorry.

  3. Andrew W. Says:

    Um. Wow. I think everyone around me at this internet cafe was just grossed out because those were large pictures and this screen is set on low resolution, so the closeup of the inside of your mouth pretty much just filled up this whole little room.

  4. Adina Says:

    That is one tooth??? 😮

  5. Donna Says:

    Nothing to fiddle with, eh? Don’t you remember your belly button; it used to serve that need well when you were a toddler. 😉

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