something having nothing to do with what’s been happening today

i don’t feel like writing about the iaf striking gaza after the numerous rocket attacks in the south…

instead i’ll comment on the other interesting thing i found out about today…there’s an organic kibbutz, or apparently a group of them united by some organization called or-gani, that delivers to your door a weekly basket of fresh produce at a very reasonable price.  85 shekels (about 21 bucks) will get you enough vegetables and herbs for the week, and everything is organic and locally grown (of course, in israel, everything’s local…it takes only seven hours to travel from the farthest two points of the country).  one could also take a trip to the farms, take part in some of the operations for a day, and leave with fresh veggies-the fruit of one’s labor, quite literally.  they also hire…hmmm…well another year and 8 months till i’m out of the army.  india shmindia, i think this looks like a lovely option.

check it out and if you don’t live in the country, feel free to be jealous.  i’m gonna give these guys a call tomorrow…

i’ve had an incredibly lazy day…made brownies with walnuts, covered with ice cream and swimming in a chocolate sauce more than just spiked with frangelico which i greedily consumed…it was satisfying to indulge in the occasional sweet craving until i quite uncomfortably felt like how i would imagine one would if under the influence of speed or some other stimulant drug….then i was reminded about the last time that happened and how i told myself never to consume that amount of sugar in such a short period of time again.  some people never learn.  i watched food related shows all day, sipped white wine which also took part in a creamy sauce for simple pasta with jerusalem artichokes, until i heard about the air strikes…  and life goes on.

oh, and this is what i REALLY want for chanukah.  there’s still 2 days left!!!

on food and cooking: the science and lore of the kitchen by harold mcgee

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2 Responses to “something having nothing to do with what’s been happening today”

  1. Ambreen Says:

    I want brownies w/ walnuts and icecream 🙂 The organic site does look really cool 🙂

  2. Robin Says:

    i AM jealous!

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